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Hi, this is the blog of the revamped Zurich Stuff and Lisp User Group (ZSLUG).

‘What is this ZSLUG thing?’, you might ask. Fair question! Well, it’s a group of people that come together at semi-regular intervals, and discuss the Lisp family of programming languages on the one hand, and Stuff on the other hand. Stuff being related topics, like other cool programming languages and other stuff that Lispers might like. Like,.. ehh.. stuff.

The plan is to get monthly/half-quarterly meetings going at which interesting people hold a talk on some interesting topic. Afterwards we’ll talk a bit more and we might spill over into a cafe until we get dragged out by our boots.

So check this site or our twitterings for dates, and come and join us in our worship of the parentheses!

ps: got some questions, any questions, or do you have recommendations, like a real good speaker, mail to cjstuij at gmail, or lukego at gmail.

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